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Energy Cleansing

New home or office? Need to clear the mind for a meditation or yoga session? Finding yourself in a "spiritually low" mood? Clear negative energies with a smudging ritual and create a space for healing and positive energies to take over.

Size: 4 inches in length

Smudging Instructions

*Use caution at all times.* 

*Open a window as needed to ensure smoke doesn't build up. This will also allow negative energy a clean exit.

*Light your sage for about 15-30 seconds. You will need to relight as needed. Use an Abalone shell if available to catch ashes. 

*Begin in any room or area and start in the area furthest from the exit. Move the smoke from the sage all around the room. Use a feather to fan the smoke if available. When finished, store your sage in a moisture free/low humidity area.

*All sales are final.*

White Sage

Energy Cleansing

Make the best of your sage cleansing experience with our beautiful 100% natural Abalone shells. Great for holding sage and for ash collection during smudging.

Size: 5 inches in length

*All sales are final.*

Abalone Shell

Energy Cleansing

This wooden cobra tripod stand is a must have to hold your crystal ball or abalone shell. Handmade in India from a single piece of wood, this wooden tripod stand is a wonderful piece of artistic talent. Colors range and vary: light brown, tan, cream - brown, gray.

Size: 6 inches in length

*All sales are final.*

Wooden Cobra Tripod Stand

Energy Cleansing

Remove odors from your home the clean and natural way with Kai's Refreshing Room & Linen Spray. It's plant-based but definitely not weak! Completely eliminates odors from your car and home and keeps your air naturally fresh.

Size 4 oz. / 120 ml

Spray into any room, your car or on your linens to freshen.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep product in a dry, cool area and away from direct sunlight. For external use only. Keep product away from the reach of children.

Ingredient List: Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Essential Oils, Distilled Water

*Due to the sensitive nature of our products, All sales are final.*

Kai's Refreshing Room & Linen Spray